The Gunn Academy Appreciation page is a list of all people and groups that have helped Keith and Shaun form the Gunn Academy of Mixed Martial Arts.

The students and Parents that helped get this school started: Pat Dweyer, Luke Browne, Sam Winterrowd, Ricardo, Ben & Max Allen, Clair Nelson, Tyler & Kaley Ackerman, and Cole Fuhrman.

Keith Jackson:

Mom & Dad Jackson – They have taught me so much about strength and compassion and I wouldn’t be the man I am without them.

Chase Hunter – From training partner to personal advisor, he’s been a strong backing force in everything I’ve ever done from LITERALLY the moment we met. Thank you for always being you.

Ashley Waldon – He showed me the true meaning of self improvement. We are all works in progress and deserve to be masterpieces.

Vince Ford – My Ninja! Thanks for helping me along my path so many times when the path wasn’t so clear.

Daniel Johnson – Every big decision in my life has involved you or your input. You are the angel that appears on my shoulder when I need to know the right thing to do.

Ben Kassim – You’re a great friend. Your positivity and open heart are one of a kind.

Mike Visitacion & Nick Manthos – I couldn’t ask for better training partners. I would have lost motivation several times without you two pushing me.

Mike Johnson & Steve Lord – You two were there at the beginning of my BJJ journey. It’s nice to see you’re still there at this point. Long standing relationships are sadly a rarity between BJJ practitioners these days. Thank you for always seeing me for me regardless of affiliation or school.

Noel Smith BJJ – Thank you for all you do to promote brotherhood and unity in the BJJ community. You and your students have treated me with the most respect of any school I’ve trained at.


Shaun Wilson:

My Wife Amanda – Where would I be without her. She is the one that knows me and  understands me the most. Without her support I would still be teaching for someone else.

My children (Haley Wilson, Haley Miller, Taylor Miller, and my son Connor Wilson) – The understanding that this venture will take up my time and they all support it. I love you guys! I hope I make you proud and show you that effort will benefit.

Mom & Dad Wilson – My Yin & Yang. My parents have been the most supportive outside of my wife (which says a lot with all of the support I have received). My Father (Strength and Scottish side) gave me the desire to train and my Mother (Compassion and Irish side) gave me the desire to teach.

My family – William, Holly, Sophia, Andrew, Olivia – Matt, Kathy, Alex, Ben – Kathleen – The Ballwanz –

Luke, Tim, and the whole Florida Family – Luke and Tim, you give the word family meaning.

Cindy and Joe Dweyer – You two helped in getting this school started. Awesome friends.

Randy Cotter – You offered to build this Website just to help out. That is awesome!

Chris & the Bengson Bunch – You guys have been such an emotional support system for me for so long. Chris….I just wish you were here to be a part of it (But glad you are representing in Arizona). You will always be a part of this.

Pat Kessler, Jim Cowan, & Julian Martinez – You guys along with Chris have been motivating me through our workouts to keep pushing no matter the pain. The workouts as a group are done, but it did help me form this school with Keith.

Nelson and Jeania Stuart – you guys are my “spiritual black belts”. Though our connection is not through Martial Arts, you understand what this means to me and have been one of the most supportive. Thank you brother.

Joe Heater Sr. – For the design of the school logo and a friend with good advice.

Kwame Ritter and the Elite SFN family – For giving the Gunn Academy a new home to train in with open arms. Here’s to the future for us all.

The Clann Gunn Society – For allowing me to alter the Gunn crest to suit the school’s logo needs.

Cindy and Tom Solomon – Ah! My daytime family. Thank you for everything for the past so many years. You guys are awesome.

Glenn and Ashley Ebersole – For Ashley all of the pictures and helping with the network. Also thank you to Glenn for being my new training partner.

Embroid Me – For the great looking school shirts

Eddy Best, Ivor Best, and Scott Bush – For my desire to start training again in the 90’s.

Mike Nolan – For the use of some good pictures.

All of the students I have ever taught and all of the colleagues I have trained with. You are always welcomed!  Agus tá súil agam go feicfidh mé tú agus do theaglach gan mhoill!